2017-1, Shanghai Bluelingo Signed a long-term service agreement with a Japanese Air conditioner company, becoming its sole provider for translation, CAD localization and Japanese language training.

2016-12, Thanks to our business strategies, product structuring and investment in manpower and technics, our annual sales increased 55% compared to 2015 with increase in net profit by 25%.

2016-11, Shanghai Bluelingo provided one-stop service for a big scale conference of 2000 attendees, covering audio equipment, simultaneous interpretation and on-site coordination.

2016-10, Shanghai Bluelingo successfully hosted a promotion event for an international famous garment brand, which is a milestone for our extended service.

2016-9, Shanghai Bluelingo was awarded a big CN-ENG translation project (266 consistency evaluation reports) by a list pharmaceutical company.

2016-8, Shanghai Bluelingo was awarded a long-term contract with a multinational chemical company. The first project is an EN-CN assignment over 6 million words.

2016-7, Shanghai Bluelingo is to set up a branch office in Chengdu.

2016-6, Shanghai Bluelingo was awarded a localization contract by a new entry German company, providing translation service among German, English, French ,Spanish and Chinese.

2016-5, Shanghai Bluelingo passed CMLT6 evaluation, approving our high abilities in project management, software application and project delivery.

About Bluelingo
Bluelingo Corporation was founded in 1989 in New York city by Doctor. Allen Lee, the former professor of Foreign Language Studies Institution of NYU. Since its establishment, Bluelingo has been embeded in helping clients to break down cross-nation communication barriers.
Inspired by the vast potential of the Chinese nation and its people, Bluelingo came to China in 2003 and established its first office in Shanghai. Bluelingo is one stop business solution company offering intercultural communication and cross-cultural training, translation services, language training, multilingual website design and instant office services. In our work, we combine our global experience with a deep understanding of the local Chinese market and culture to help individuals, multinational companies and local enterprises acquire the necessary intercultural skills to succeed in the global marketplace. Fair and honorable business practice is our core company philosophy.

Today Bluelingo has grown into a global organization with offices in Europe, America, and Asia, giving the company a "follow the sun" capability that not only involves in-country specialists, but also integrates global best resources to deliver faster turnaround quality projects, on time. Currently, thousands of companies with global presence rely on Bluelingo's sophisticated project teams and innovative technologies to conduct successful international business each day.
Mission Statement
We are committed to leading our clients in the effective application of advanced know-how in support of global communications.